Design and Facilitation of Retreats and Meetings can help your organization achieve both improved business outcomes and enhanced relationships.

Today's workplace is dominated by meeting after meeting, yet…

  • Leaders and managers report that these meetings are often poorly planned and facilitated and do not consistently produce meaningful results

  • Successful leaders recognize the value of "retreating" from day-to-day demands to create a plan, change direction, strengthen a leadership team or focus on strategic vision and organizational culture. Day-to-day demands often distract leaders from focusing on the most important work they could do.

The customized plan for the retreat or meeting is created to meet the outcome objectives of the business. Vernal Management Consultants strives to have client retreats and meetings:

  • Ensure that each person's voice is heard, conflicts are resolved, and future action is clearly defined and owned

  • Include experiences and participation encouraging engagement and building relationships

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