Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage one's own emotions and help others to manage theirs. "EI" is a strong predictor of leadership success.

The science behind being smart socially and emotionally which has been linked to higher performance, the "magic" ingredient of Emotional Intelligence separates the extraordinary leader from the average. Based on 30 years of research at Harvard University, Emotional Intelligence has been demonstrated to be twice as strong a predictor of leadership success as IQ and technical skills combined.

  • Vernal Management Consultants is one of only 2 firms nationally accredited by the Institute for Health and Human Potential for work in Emotional Intelligence

  • Our consultants specialize in providing 360° feedback and coaching for leaders who wish to create the emotionally-intelligent human relationships that motivate ordinary people to do extraordinary work

  • This science forms the foundation of Vernal Management's work with leaders, teams and organizations

Components of Emotional Intelligence