Executive Coaching is a dynamic process to help leaders enhance individual and organizational results by focusing on the "how" of their leadership vs. the "what."

Leaders receive the support of an experienced Vernal Management coach to:

  • Receive an assessment of the leader's skills based on input from a 360 degree feedback evaluation from people within the organization

  • Create a practical and specific action plan to develop and enhance critical leadership skills

  • Schedule in ongoing coaching, support, challenge and guidance into either phone and/or in-person sessions between leader and coach

  • Achieve improved organizational results plus professional and personal outcomes

  • Utilize on-line survey methodologies to track leadership growth


When the engagement includes multiple leaders within one organization, the Vernal LLC team meets regularly behind the scenes to discuss what's being learned about the broader organization so Vernal Management Consulting can advise senior leadership of organizational and cultural issues impacting leadership performance. Throughout the process, the Vernal Management Consulting coach is supported internally by the entire Vernal Management team so this leadership development process is influenced and informed by the depth and breadth of the full team's experience.

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