Team Building and Team Development can create energized teams and enhanced business results when effectively executed.

Unfortunately, organizations too often make the mistake of forming "teams" to accomplish tasks without providing the corresponding skills for individuals to work as team players. The result can be frustration and cynicism about "teamwork."

To create effective teams, Vernal Management consultants:

  • Conduct a team assessment by interviewing team members, team leaders and other individuals with whom strong interdependencies exist in order to assess the root causes of low engagement, underperformance or conflict

  • Provide 360 degree assessment for team leaders

  • Coach team leaders and customize team building experiences to meet identified business and organizational needs

  • Use the real work of the team to help team members learn the roles and rules that can determine a team's success

  • Coach team members to appreciate stylistic and personality differences which will impact the accomplishment of team goals

  • Teach teams to recognize the essential stages of team development, and effective communication skills to avoid unnecessary roadblocks to team success.


A systematic approach to tackling the root causes of team ineffectiveness is used, and clients who partner with Vernal Management Consultants to bring the discipline and structure needed to effect change can see significantly improved results within months.

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